Finally a Website That Allows You to Change Wheels on Your Own Actual Car

Finally somebody has done what I have religiously scoured the internet every couple of months for. In this day and age I would not have thought this would not be difficult to do, however till now nobody has ever done it. What am I rambling on about? A website that me, a not so technically minded person, can load a photo of my own car and then see what it looks like with other rims or wheels. Sure there‘s the big wheel and tire guys and franchisees that have developed their own, however these have always got big draw backs like, limited wheel choices, the cars are limited to what they have pre loaded and these sites never have my model car let alone my colour car and what’s more the wheel always look very cheesy. Well I ‘m glad to say my relentless searching has found a great site that solves all the above issues and adds a heap of great features. The site is called Vrimz which I guess stands for virtual rims and found it on a simple Google search.

So what’s so good about this site? Well as mentioned above its core advantage is it allows me to load a side-on photo of my actual car then using a simple online Photoshop type program I can erase the background from around my car along with my current wheels then load that edited image straight into their “RimXchange” tool which then allows you to position your car on a new background (which you can change) then choose from heaps of preloaded wheels. The tool allows you lower/raise your vehicle and of course change the wheel size along with a choice of backgrounds all within an easy to use interface that produces photo realistic images. You can also take a snapshot of your current car/wheel combination and allow other users to comment/rate etc

What I found particularly interesting, was wheels I would have never chosen from a catalog or picture of a single rim, actually looked really good on my car, and similarly wheels I thought would be good turned out to look a bit ordinary. This was a bit of a shock as I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and in my mind would look hot, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. There really is no substitute to actually visualizing it on your own car.

The site seems to only have just launched, so they don’t have a huge wheel database yet however you can load your own wheels as well. How cool is that? I know this guy down the street that has a really nice set of wheels that I would like to see on my car. So I just trundled down with my camera phone and snapped a picture of his front wheel and rushed home to upload it. The site gives you a simple tool to select the centre of the uploaded wheel photo and drag a circle out to the edge of the tire which then it automatically removes all the unused background then you simply add the details ie. Brand/model and colour of wheel if known and add it to the database. Within 5 mouse clicks I was viewing a brand new wheel on my car.

The site is not however just a wheel change website, in the current day and age where social communities (think facebook) are all the rage, this site also caters for that aspect except it’s geared for car enthusiasts with all the normal trimmings ie. Keeping update to date with friends via comments, emails, forums and personal status updates, along with For Sale sections, image galleries and my favorite the events section where you can invite your friends to a certain event, like a cruise through the local neighborhood on Saturday night. Your friends are kept abreast of meeting times and locations and you can see at a glance who’s coming and who’s not etc.

The site also includes a directory of automotive businesses that are in your local area based on the location you choose when you registered. Users can rate and comment on these business so you can quickly see which are the most respected and qualified mechanics, windows tinters etc.

The owners of this site have thought of everything, there is also a handy blurring tool to blur out your number plate on your gallery photos to keep your identity private but still show off your ride.

All in all this site, whilst still in early days will become very popular amongst car enthusiasts and the like, I can see myself spending way to much time on this site, much to the dismay of my wife. Oh and by the way it’s all free!

Check it out here, the site address is

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