Secrets to Successfully Maintaining Your Car

Want to make sure your car runs as long as possible? Robert Sikorsky’s book Drive It Forever offers invaluable tips to keep your car on the road longer. This book gives advice which can save you a ton of money. The better you care for your car, the longer it will last. Helter-skelter stopping and starting, quick changes, and peeling off lead to shorter lives for cars. Follow these tips to ensure your car gives you the best performance possible.

Obviously, you can’t forgo all stopping and starting. However, your goal is to keep the car running smoothly for as much time as possible. If a light is about to change, prepare the vehicle in advance. Slow down gradually before coming to a stop. If the light is about to change green, you can also prepare for that possibility.

Sikorsky says that less engine idle equates to less engine abrasion. If in a situation where you will have to idle for more than 30 seconds, you might as well turn off the car. In any situation in which you will have to sit idling, try to limit that amount of time. Wait indoors in cold weather so that the car does not have to run while you wait. Don’t rev your engine when there is no purpose.

While in dense traffic, keep your air-conditioner off. This reduces the amount of wear on your vehicle. Car engines have to work harder when you are idling with that kind of drain on the power also running.

Some say that you should occasionally take your car on a road trip. This is said to rid your engine of harmful debris which is accumulated by short trips. This is a positive tip for those wanting to keep their cars healthy.