Auto Part & Accessories: How Many Do You Need?

As automobile technology advances with time, so does the number of available accessories that you can fit your cars with. Of course, not all accessories will fit your car as some accessories are specially designed for particular models only but popularity and availability of the car will play a big part in deciding what is available to you and what is not.

The full size pick up trucks from Ford are some of the most popular cars driven in the States and they have roughly 500 accessories built just for them! It is indeed quite amazing how much more the number can be if you include all the different sizes, colors and designs. Below you will find a mention of a lot of the most popular accessories that you can buy for your Ford F-150.

Sun shield, bug shield, bed extender, bed wing, bumper mounting kit, door handle, door handle cover, graphics, hood hinge, hood protector, rear window protector, tailgate handle, side molding, tail light guard, roll pan, roof rack, tailgate net, tailgate spoiler, grille insert, grille shell, nerf bar mounting kit, tailgate handle re-locator, window covers, wiper cowls, tailgate, running side box board, bumper guard, bed rail cap, skid plate, windshield wiper, sport tubes, tail light covers, truck bed side rail, headlight covers, running boards, side skirts, hood scoop, body armor, brake light cover, tailgate cable, bumper, bumper cover, running board mounting kit, fender molding, fender flares and tailgate protector are some of the about 500 accessories available for the Ford F-150.

As you can imagine the huge market that there is existent today, to know how it started, we have to date back to the days when it all began in south California. The relation between the beach culture and the car accessories is strangely connected. As the “Beach Boys” sang songs that were wholly dedicated to the lifestyle of the young generation in those days which involved mainly girls, surfing and cars, it was quite obvious that the young generation wanted to drive cars that better represented their unique personality with a little accessory customization.

Covercroft, Saleen and many other companies thus understood the increasing demand for the accessories and got into the business of accessorizing cars. Covercroft started by producing and modifying car covers, while Saleen took quite a few steps forward and got into the business of modifying entire cars.

It is true that cars today can be customized to such degrees of personalization that your car can indeed look like yours, but the vastness of the market should not confuse you so much that you end up accessorizing your car with all the wrong modifications. Choose what you want and opt carefully to get your car looking exactly the way you want to.