Proper Tire Care is Essential

Unless one of our tires goes flat, we generally don‘t pay them any mind. This belies how important tires really are to car function. Maintaining your tires properly reduces the amount of money people spend on car care. You will avoid accidents and keep your car on the road longer by keeping your tires inflated properly. There is generally a marker inside the dashboard glove box. This is a guide about how to properly inflate your tires. The standard pressure will be listed here. Just in case your car does not have this marker, you can verify the pressure level in your owner’s manual.

If your tires are under-filled or over-filled, one will be prone to accidents. A tire blow out on a busy freeway can be a fatal accident. Because tire over-inflation is so dangerous, perform regular checks on your tire pressure. Under-inflation is not as dangerous, but it is a serious concern, nevertheless.

For safety purposes, you should keep a tire air pressure gauge on hand. No one can really tell if the tires are inflated correctly just by looking. You may not be using the correctly calibrated air pressure gauge either. If you ask your dealer for a standard gauge air pressure checker, you should be good to go. A dealer will know what the best air pressure is. Generally, this is 80 PSI.

You should make a date to check the pressure once a month. Before you turn the car on, you should check this. Keep a record of the inflation pressure for each tire to keep track. You can use this record when you visit the local mechanic. Keeping the inflation pressure steady is a way of ensuring safety and saving money on gas. Always keep your tires at a standard level of inflation for top car performance.
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