Saving Money on Gas

Since gas prices are getting higher every day, you may see many advertisements telling you how to lower gas costs. Fuel efficiency is important, but can it really be achieved in the ways described? Or are these strategies a waste of money that you cannot afford? Beware of any gas efficiency claims by manufacturers of gasoline additives. These may not help you at all. Some products have been shown to work, but the savings involved are very small.

You may be used to seeing many different claims. “This gas consumption reducer improves fuel reduction by 40 percent.” The EPA has done vigorous investigations into these products. They have found that not one of the products meets these claims.

Many of the products have even been shown to cause damage to vehicles. There go the savings. Always be skeptical when considering these gas reduction products.

You may have heard this one before. “This gas-reducer is endorsed by the Federal government.” No government endorses gas reduction products because they are unreliable. If there is a claim that the EPA has evaluated their product, check it out at  There is usually no such evidence. Save money by following these tips. These will work better than products that may send you to the repair shop.

Only buy the octane level that you need.

The faster you go, the more gas you use; it’s a fact. You can’t avoid it.

If your car has an overdrive gear, use it when on the freeway. This will surely save you gas.

Have a regular tune-up.

Maintaining your car prevents high idles that waste gas.

Use cruise control on freeway trips.

Breaking and acceleration wastes gas. This requires that you don’t tailgate. This can improve your fuel efficiency by five to ten percent.
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