How to Remove a Steering Wheel by Yourself

If you plan to install your new steering wheel all by yourself, then you better get together a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and a puller to do the job. Point your car’s wheels straight ahead and disconnect the battery. Next you will need to remove the horn, to do that press down on the horn and turn to loosen and remove it. The emblem cap is usually removed by simply pulling it towards ones self with hands only, but if screws are holding it onto the car then unscrew it first. To remove the horn-wire or the spring loaded metal plunger from its plastic cover, you would need to pull on the plunger after turning the plastic sleeve towards the left. Now, cut the wire of the plastic sleeve, but do keep the sleeve as you will again need it.

Remove the shaft-nut retainer clip next, but you need to keep this as well because you will need it too. Keep the shaft pointed straight ahead to help you understand where to put the top of the new steering. The previously mentioned puller is now to be inserted inside the two holes on the hub of the steering. Using the puller, pull the steering shaft until it comes off. After you complete this step, you will be able to take the steering wheel off without any resistance now. Use the previously removed sleeve and shaft nut now to set your new steering wheel onto your car.

Follow all the steps carefully, slowly and thoroughly, to successfully complete the entire job perfectly and without any issues at all.
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