Floor Mats From Audi: the Best You Can Get!

Audi is known mainly for producing cars that are brilliant in design and uncompromising in performance but one should also know that Audi is also the manufacturer of some of the best floor mats out there. You will find that all Audi mats are backed by flexible plastic molded with the best technology available for the purpose. An Audi floor mat is long lasting because of the solid driver heel pad which is bonded to its plane. Cleaning a mat is not an easy job and Audi understands that, it is for that reason Audi mats have an easily washable surface made out of heavy duty fabric. Audi floor mats are effective in protecting your carpet because they will not let any outside dirt or sand stain your carpet, especially as they are waterproof to begin with. The elevated sides and the side extensions help the Audi mats to achieve this purpose of protecting the carpet effectively against water and dirt.

Like Audi cars, functionality is not all that the Audi floor mats have to offer as they are stylish and available in a variety of colors. The coil-stitched mats are even available in custom colors to suit the interior designs of your rooms and if you wish, you can have any design or even your initials stitched onto it. The deep-ribbed channel design unique to the Audi mats not only looks good but also is good for carpet protection. With a perfect fit, stylish and customizable designs and great protection, Audi floor mats are indeed a good choice for your carpet.