Rare Royal Enfield Brand Brass Clutch Brake Lever Assembly 7/8″ Handlebar


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Take a look at this Rare – Hard to find Vintage Spares- Complete Clutch and Front Brake Assembly Grab a Deal……Get a brand New Set of Brass Front Brake and Clutch Lever Assembly for Royal Enfield motorcycles especially made for one of our customer for his Classic Enfield Modification Project.

Designed and Customized by Bullet Wala in India especially for Royal Enfield Motorcycles, these Complete Front Brake and Clutch Lever Assembly is made to the highest  specifications and quality standards for easy and trouble free fitment with brass and come in golden finish which keeps them rust free for years at the same time they beautify your Royal Enfield. These Front Brake and Clutch Lever Assembly can be fixed to all the models of Royal Enfield Motorcycles except the Disc brake models. These can also be fitted to many other Vintage British Bikes which use 7/8 inches Handlebars.

Do not forget to replace the Front Brake Stop Light Switch if you are replacing the Lever Assembly of your Bike, buy along with this and save on shipping.  Do check some of the rare Brass Handlebar Clamp, Handlebar Grips, Steering Stem Lock Nut and Complete Brass Handlebar Accessory Pack.

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Please Note: You would be shipped Brand new securely packed Brass Front Brake and Clutch Lever Assembly. Tried and tested on all the models of Royal Enfield Motorcycles without Disc brakes. This would fit to all 7/8 inches Handlebars. Many of our customers have fitted these to other Vintage Bikes with 7/8 inches handlebars. Check the product description, research well in case you are ordering this for any other motorcycle. We do not stand responsible if you are ordering this for any other motorcycle, this is for Royal Enfield.

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