If you want a set of the cutlass chrome bumper trim with buy it now and not have to wait to bid, look at my other items i have listed for a set with buy it now price. I just added pics of my 81 CUTLASS, Creme colored,   that i just got done redoing it from ground up and put the new front and rear chrome bumper trim on it that i sell here.  Check out the cutlass and how the chrome bumper trim strips fit it!!! Time to replace that old faded out,cracked,peeling or missing front and rear chrome bumper trim.

This is one full set  of chrome  bumper trim strips, for the front and back rubber bumper covers. I also have this trim in black for the hurst/olds! if you want the trim in black, look at my other items i have listed for it. Get these front and rear chrome bumper strip’s to finish up that 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86,87, 88, olds cutlass, 442, hurst/olds, that really needs them to look great again. Better then gm trim.

This is the FULL SET OF CHROME BUMPER STRIPS that go over top  the FRONT and the BACK bumper’s, in the plastic bumper,  that will fit 81thru 88 CUTLASS or 442 or HURST/OLDS . They are easy to install after you pull off the old trim.  After pulling off old trim, take a straight edge screw driver that will fit and lay flat in the groove and scrap any old big chunk’s of adhesive that was left in groove when you pulled old trim off so that the new trim will lay flat in groove when you put it on. Then take the new trim, one piece at a time, and just peel back the red tape on back, and start at one end of bumper and tuck it in corner and push it against the groove of the rubber bumper and stick back in place of old trim.  Simple as that!  This trim has the 3M adhesive on back of it  and it fit’s perfectly and will not come off unless you pull it off.   This trim is NEW and  come’s with a blue protective plastic coating  on the front side to protect the chrome finish till installed.The protective coating peel’s right off before you install the trim or after you install the trim.      GM want’s $65.00 per each strip for this trim and it would cost you $260.00 to do the front and back from them, and this look’s better then the gm trim. GM has discontinued this trim for years now and can not get it any more.  So, if you need to replace that trim that is  PEELING or FADED OUT or DAMAGED in any way, OR FOR A NEW PAINT JOB,  and want to save A LOT OF MONEY, then here you go.

This is the complete set for the front and back bumpers. If you need just the front trim or just the rear trim, email me and i will sell you just the front or back set. Please check out my feedback on all the trim i have sold to other’s who have purchase this trim and see how they liked it. I give 100% satisfaction on this chrome trim or your money back.  no one else will give you that kind of deal. Shipping is $5.00 in u.s. only,  with confirmation delivery. If you are outside the u.s. please look at shipping cost on here… I ship by USPS priority mail and you get it in two or three days. Thanks for looking and please look at my other item’s I have listed. Very bright chrome.  100% satisfaction + fit’s perfect look’s great!!!!!  i have added pic’s of my 3 cutlass’s to show you what the old trim look’s like and what the new trim look’s like on the dark blue one and the lite blue one. notice  the old trim on the lite blue cutlass rear bumper and then the new trim piece on the bumper. see how much better the new trim look’s and fits. very shiny chrome trim and fit’s perfect.  which one would you like to be on your cutlass?? the old faded, cracked, peeling, damaged trim or the new chrome trim that will out last the car? get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thanks  for looking,,, Check my feedback on this cutlass trim and see how good it is!!!! i have sold over 600 full sets of this chrome bumper trim strips and you can see that by my feedback. Check it out.

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Just a little feedback from customer’s who bought trim:

Greatest product ever, best price & very fast shipping. GREAT sale seller!!! A++ – Buyer  jaymonb( 32)

This is better then GM trim by far thank you
Buyer: mr.lewis.3

Trim Makes My Bumpers Stand Out!! Super Fast Shipping! Pleasure Doing Business!!
Buyer:  youngpainter1( 37)

Fast Shipper!!!! Exactly as Described!!!!
Buyer:   mrsljking3( 16)

the product looks great and the shipping was faster then expected very happy!!!!
Buyer: gustavo90248(3)

Great seller, look forward to doing more business.
Buyer: lastminute1961(44)

Excellent! Recomemded 5 Star ! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ GREAT!!
Buyer: popegulff(969)

Received shipment in 2 days, superb condition, will do more business again, thx.
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Buyer: evelynt1(21)

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Parts are perfect. Just what I needed and QUICK TOO !!! THANKS !!!
Buyer: 1969chevrolet(36)

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my bunpers will shine again good looking
Buyer: damcriminal(5)

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Buyer: kandycutlass(53)

excellent transaction, item looks awesome on car, fast shipping, thanks
Buyer: amuscle(553)

great seller and every thing went smooth,great chrome trim!!
Buyer: cervantes7367(4)

Thanks alot the shipping was very fast, it really gave my cutty its look back!!!
Buyer: mrwestcoast8(1)

I just wanted to let you know that i have just listed on my other item’s a roll of the chrome bucket seat trim for the bucket seat’s for a 81-88 cutlass or 442 if you might need a set of them for your bucket seat’s. Check my other item’s i have listed for them.

great buy!!!!!!!!!  Look’s GREAT!!!
Buyer: rktpwd1(59)

nice!!  VERY NICE!!!!!
Buyer: ftd6666(27)

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The trim makes the Candy Orange look real good, nice product, fast shipping.
Buyer: 979_escamilla ( 5 )

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looks great on my 85 442. Thanks ,Bredd
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