4 Bridgestone Blizzak Ws50 225/55r17 (And 50r17) Winter Tires (From G35 Coupe)

4 I’m selling 4 winter tires + wheels that I had from my G35 Coupe.  I traded in the car and so now I have no use for them.

They are Bridgestone Blizzak 2 of WS-50 225/55R17 and 2 of 
WS-50 225/50R17.

The tread is quite worn and in some spots it’s nearly gone, but the tires still worked well for me, and the wheels are fine.

Somewhere along the way I lost 1 lugnut, but other than that I have all of them for securing the wheels to your car.  I’m only showing 2 of them in the picture, but there are 4 (2 for the front wheels and 2 for the back) of similar quality.

You have to be able to come pick them up.

Bridgestone Blizzak Ws And

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