Tailor Your Car or Truck with Accessories

Whether you are an old hand at customizing your ride or you are just getting started, there are plenty of things to work with in every conceivable price category. On a larger scale you can get a complete body kit, bolt-on Lambo Door Kit or you can start out small like mose folks and build your way up starting with some small and easy modifications.
If this is your first shot at tricking out your vehicle, here is a partial list of some easy, inexpensive ways to get started. This way you can start out one accessory at a time, and with a proper plan you can modify your car without making it look like you are just addind a piece at a time. This way you can save money in between modifications.
If you are still riding around with your original hub caps (or without some of them), one of the quickest and least expensive ways to clean up the look of your car, truck or SUV is to get some new hubcaps or wheel covers. If you have the dough and they are available for your car, wheel simulators are a great place to start and can make all the difference. Youll need to know your tire size (its printed on the outside of your tire), an you can take your pick from a huge selection thats available online. Chrome hubcaps keep their shine and draw attention to those nice Armor-All dressed tires that you have.
Definitely one of the easiest (yes, you can do it yourself) ways to perk up your vehicle is to add pin-striping. You could spend thousands of dollars on a custom pin-stripe paint job at a body shop, or spend a few bucks add purchase yourself a few rolls of pin-stripe tape. There is a huge variety of widths and and colors available. You decide how wide you want them to be; maybe you want to put some racing stripes over the roof and hood, or maybe you want more than one stripe down the sides of the car, in a few different colors. This is your chance to express yourself and everyone will notice the difference immediately.
Adding vinyl graphics is another great place to start and you will be amazed how easily they can be applied and just what a fast change they make. In about an hours time and at the cost of about $100, you can make flames appear to be shooting out from your wheels or over your hood, or checkered flags on the sides of the vehicle (there are LOTS of other styles not mentioned here). AND, there are free installation videos available on youtube that will walk you through the installation process step-by-step.
You cant get much quicker or easier to install than a rear window decal. You can pick from smaller side window decals or the larger see-thru rear window decals that fit many cars and most trucks. Show you patriotism when you pick the American Flag package or show your fan support for your favorite NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB or NCAA teams. Looking through a rear window graphic is like looking through screen material on a window or door on the inside, and on the outside all you can really see is the image that you chose, like the flag. The graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl and are installed on the outside of the glass.
You can always light it up! You would be surprised how adding new lights can change the whole appearance of your car. Altezza lights were atually introduced in Japan on the Toyota Altezza, and the lights were such a big hit here in the US they nicknamed them the Altezza Light, also known as euro tail lights. You can add Altezza Lights for a really classy look or shop for the LED version of the tail lights, clear corner lenses, clear side marker lenses or projector lamps. Adding any of these is a great first step and wont break the bank.
Chances are, like most custom vehicle buffs, once you get started you wont want to stop. When youre ready for your rear spoiler, body kit, hood scoop or Lambo doors, you can always get some more help to take you to the next step.

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