T4 Black Xpw Gart Gt3076r Turbo Charger Blanket Heat Shield Ybr


ON SALE! – New in the Box Deluxe XPW Black T4 Turbo Blanket with AWESOME Look with the Limited Edition Red, Yellow & Blue Logo! – HIGH QUALITY AT A CHEAP PRICE! The XPW Way! 

High Quality! – 2000 degress of protection! – Cheapest Horsepower you’ll EVER Buy!

This turbo blanket is made for the .82 A/R housing size, if you have the 1.06 A/R housing, then yours will need another size we do.

** WEEKLY SPECIAL! – Black T4 Turbo Blanket with 100′ of Header Wrap to wrap your down pipe and more, for EVEN MORE HP!! Only $89.95!

** Call XPW with any questions at 901-476-7555  **

Advantages of our Turbo Blanket:

Works VERY well – Helps increase spool MUCH faster & Increases Boost!!

THICK Ceramic Insulation!

Heavey Duty Rivets! 

Hand sewn together with pride!

Stainless steel knitted wire mesh interior!

Helps keeps heat from ruining the paint on your hood!

Stainless steel spring fasteners!

Sized to fit T4 & slightly smaller turbos tight! We carry a slightly smaller blanket for T3 and smaller turbos & larger blankets for larger turbos!

Keeps under the hood temp down! Helps stop burns while working under the hood!

FREE S&H in the U.S. – Pay Pal Payments only – We do ship WORLDWIDE. 

Black Xpw Gart Gtr

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