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Super nice price on a set of five turbo diesel injectors, with 135bars stamped on the injectors shell. Removed off a 1984 300d-turbo. The car had 133k miles on it, but the number of miles on the injectors is unknown. The injectors are clean and not cruddy, especially on the bottom. I have put them through an ultrasonic cleaner for two hours, and then put them in a food saver vacuum bag to remove the remaining fuel, then they were packed up. I don’t know if this helps the injectors at all but it can’t hurt, so I did it. These injectors fit all turbo 123 chassis models, the w116 300sd turbo, and the w126 300sd and 300sdl models. They also fit any other car or vehicle with the om617 turbo diesel engine. Someone emailed me when I listed a set of these previously, asking if I had tested or torqued these injectors–no, I don’t test or torque any of the injectors. Only ultrasonically clean them and then remove the fuel from the inside using food saver vacuum bags. Pretty good set of injectors for a reasonable price!

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