110 Copper Washer Assortment Set Brake Gasket Tool Kit



110 pc Copper Washer Assortment Set

Contains 6 Popular Sizes:
30 – 1/4″ washers
25 – 5/16″ washers
20 – 3/8″ washers
15 – 7/16" washers
10 – 1/2″ washers
10 – 5/8″washers
Automotive Applications:  Brake Lines, Oil Lines, and Hydraulic Fittings.
Electrical Applications:  Assure Maximum Conductivity.
Plastic storage case included.
Manufactured by Neiko Tools USA.

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Payment must be received within 10 days of purchase.

Shipping and Handling:
A Flat Rate of $3.94.
Will ship by US Postal Service First Class with Delivery Confirmation.
Usually ships within 24 hours of received payment.

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