Diagnosing Transmission Problems Requires Training

A transmission that has started showing problems must be diagnosed by a trained, certified mechanic. You want to take it to a professional transmission repair shop that can give you an honest quote and quality work, done right the first time. The technology found in today’s vehicles have made fixing a transmission very complex. These are run using a computer, and special diagnostics have to be done in order to locate the exact cause. When you look for an auto repair shop, never get a price quote over the phone. This gives you no guarantee, and the price can easily change when you arrive in person. Any quote you receive should be in writing and in person after a thorough inspection of the vehicle.

An honest quote is only possible after a certified mechanic has driven, inspected and found the exact source of the problem. They start with an outside check of the vehicle, and then progress to an inside look at the specific parts of the transmission itself. It has to be removed, taken apart and each piece given a thorough look over. This is why you only want to have someone with the necessary training work on your car. You should never receive a quote from a shop that hasn’t seen or driven the vehicle.

At many shops, you can get an outside check on your car for no charge, and also a diagnostic done by computer. Another aspect of finding a quality repair shop is that you need to be aware of possible scams. Those shops that hand you a price that is unbelievably cheap are often not what they seem to be. A quote should be given only after inspection and needs to outline all of the repairs and subsequent costs. Once you have agreed to allow the shop to handle your transmission service, be on the lookout if they start to contact you often with increasing repairs and costs. This is a sure sign of a dishonest repair shop.

It also an advantage to choose a shop that has years of experience at its back in car, transmission and car air conditioning repair. This experience and a good reputation can give you peace of mind when you leave your car to be repaired. These shops will be staffed with well trained, certified mechanics who are professional and attend to detail when doing repairs. Once you have found a good mechanic, you have someone that you can come back to over the years to repair your vehicle, no matter what they problem may be. That is why you have to be sure that you look into any place that you choose in regards to its reputation and history of customer service.

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