Auto Inspection and Repair Tips for Car Owners

As a car owner, you need to educate yourself on matters concerning auto maintenance, inspection and repair. You may not be able to do the required automotive diagnostics or repair yourself but you should, at least, know what to look out for. The most basic reference to be used for maintenance is the owner’s manual. The manufacturer provides the maintenance schedule appropriate to our vehicle. This could range from simple auto oil change to extensive monthly auto inspections. If you have a regular auto repair shop and mechanic in Tampa, compare their recommended maintenance schedule with your owner’s manual. Remember that if your vehicle is old or if you bought it used, it may need more attention.Symptoms of Car TroubleAs the main user of your car, you should be the first to detect signs of trouble. Early detection will not only mean less costly repairs but, more importantly, road safety for you and others, as well.Wet spots or puddles under the car should warrant closer inspection. If it is clear water, you need not be alarmed. It is probably condensation from the air conditioner. Colored liquid may indicate a leak in your car, though. If the liquid is yellow-green, blue or orange, it could mean that your anti-freeze is leaking or that your engine is overheated. Leaking transmission fluid or power-steering fluid will produce an oily red spot. Oil is dark brown or black. Sometimes, though, burnt transmission fluid could be dark brown or black, too, indicating an even more serious problem.The odor of anything burnt should never be ignored. Transmission fluid that smells burnt could lead to failure of the car transmission system. Burning oil that is leaking smells acrid. Bring your car to the auto repair shop immediately.If the odor is like burnt toast, light and sharp, it could mean an electrical short and burning insulation. Stop and call the nearest mechanic in Tampa.The chemical odor of burning resin could mean that your clutch or brakes have overheated. Pull over and allow them to cool. Any sign of smoke means you should not attempt to restart the car. Call for a towing service.     Other odors could also mean trouble. Leaking coolant smells sweet and steamy. It could be immediately followed by overheating. Drive to the nearest auto repair shop or service station if you can. Once the odor turns metallic and you see steam coming from beneath your car hood, though, stop and call your towing service.If what you smell is sulphuric, similar to rotten eggs, it could point to a problem in emission control devices such as the catalytic converter. The persistent odor of gasoline could mean a leak in the fuel system. In both cases, bring the car to the auto repair shop immediately.Get used to the normal sounds and the feel of your car. Consult your mechanic in Tampa the moment you detect unusual noises, vibration or motion. You should not have any difficulty steering straight or to any side. Your brakes should not scrape or grind. You should not have difficulty in starting your engine, nor should it stall. There should be no vehicle jerks as you shift gears, and the car should respond immediately with no lag.Auto Repair Do’sMake sure that you choose a reputable auto repair shop and a highly skilled and experienced mechanic in Tampa. The best ones are fully capable of handling any car or truck repair ranging from engine repair to car transmission system repair. They also carry only the best brands in car parts and truck parts, such as AC Delco. It takes your vigilance and your mechanic’s professional skills to maximize the life span of your car.

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