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I just want to buy two winter tires, and I have front-wheel drive. Should I put them on the front tires or back tires and why?

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7 Responses to Winter Tires…?

  1. John D says:

    That’s easy.
    The front does the pulling and 75% of the braking.
    Ideal choice on front wheel drive.

  2. Shockher says:

    If you can only afford 2 tires or you just want to ONLY buy 2, and your car is front wheel drive, you want them on the front.
    WHY… because front wheel drive means just that, traction is applied to the front wheels and it would do no good to put the new ones on the rear when they do no work as far as “pushing” the car through the snow.
    i hope this explains what you asked.

  3. Front wheels. If you’re not driving hard, if you take corners cautiously, it’s hard to make a front-wheel-drive car fishtail, even on ice. (It CAN, however, be done, even with studded tires on all four wheels. I have done it, even without the E-brake.)
    If you’re only going to run two winter tires, put them on the front. That’s where you get your power, your steering, and most of your braking.
    BTW, you should REALLY be running them on all 4 if you know you’re going to have snow for more than a couple weeks. I could see two STUDDED snow tires and two unstudded, but it ought to be snow tires all around. If it were RWD, you should DEFINITELY be running 4 snow tires.

  4. Ian F says:

    Front, they are your driving force. Also, take your best two and put them on the back. Any reputable tire place will tell you this. Don’t forget to have them balanced and run the manufacturer’s suggested tire pressure for optimum traction.
    Happy trails!

  5. sky64 says:

    On the front because it’s a front wheel drive car and that’s where you need the most traction. That is provided your rear tires are still road worthy.

  6. ryanknea says:

    Whell oveasy the frount because you need it to turn the wheels and the car can do a burn-out and whipe out due to low grip

  7. aztecgol says:

    if you have front wheel than put them on the front it is that simple.
    Look Dunlop winter sport m3 tires they are little expensive but very good in snow. I have them and it is excellent to use in snow.