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Most of the batteries used in the automobiles are produced by the three developers - the Johnson, Exide and Delphi. Amongst the three, the Delphi produces EverStart devices that are marketed in ACDelco and Walmart. The Johnson Control company manufactures Duralast devices used in the stores of Autozone and Diehard and these are sold in Costco brand Kirkland, Sears, Ford selling Motorcraft devices and some of the other Interstates and EverStarts. The third company, Exide develops Exide batteries, Napa and Champion.

It is the car battery that one has to be most likely replaced, after three years time. The other accessories and the parts in the car last for longer time, while the battery in the car has to be replaced for every three to four years. The new batteries can be installed by many and some of the good names include the pep Boys, Firestone, Goodyear and Sears. These companies can install the batteries onsite, while the other companies like the Walmart, target and Kmart may offer batteries in cheaper prices, but install them very rarely.

Looking at some of the best options, the Optima Redtop 8004-003 34/78 starting 12 volts battery weighs 38.8 pounds, has dual GM and SAE post, and the reserve capacity to store 100 minutes constant performance. It is leak proof for longer and safer use, more vibration-resistant and has sufficient starting power even in the bad weather conditions.

The Optima RedTop 8022-091 75/25 starting batteries has the features like 720 cold cranking Amps, 12-volt, dual GM and SAE posts. It weighs 33.1 pounds, and comes with 90 minutes of constant reserve capacity performance, leak proof for more longer and safer life, resistant to vibrations by more than 15 times and has the necessary starting power capacity even in the bad weather conditions too.

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