AutoSock HP 765 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

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  • Easy-to-mount, self-centering alternative to tire chains
  • Safe on aftermarket wheels and can be used with electronic traction control systems and ABS
  • Lightweight, easy-to-store, reusable, and machine washable
  • Each set comes with two AutoSocks, user manual, storage bag, and gloves
  • Only one set per vehicle required, even for AWD and 4WD applications

Product Description
AutoSock - the simple solution to maximise grip on snow and ice. The secret: high performance fibers. A perfect temporary winter traction aid for vehicles. Quick and easy to fit and remove. Proven to improve cars' safety systems. Reusable. Approved by and sold to leading car
Unexpected winter weather can create driving conditions demanding more traction than conventional tires -- or even snow treads -- can provide. But tire chains are bulky to store and can be difficult to put on in cold, snowy weather. Now there is an easy-to-use alternative to chains: Designed in Norway, AutoSock is a new and innovative lightweight fabric-based, temporary traction aid for cars... More >>
AutoSock HP 765 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

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5 Responses to AutoSock HP 765 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

  1. P. Liu says:

    It works very well. It might be harder to install than it looks on the promotional video. However, it is still easier and faster than traditional tire chains. Removing is even simpler. Great design.

    Here is the catch. It won’t last especially if you drive on non-icy/snowy road. Like if the road has been sanded on the ice/snow. It’s made with cloth and will tear. Be sure to follow the instructions.

    It is a must have if you can’t put normal tire chain. $100 to buy a insurance or safety from being stuck in the snow or slip on the icy road. It is total worth it.

    I am considering other brand like RUDmatic Soft Spike (claim the cloth contain wire) and Snobootz (rubber thing) but they are not available anywhere for my tires.

    Thule, Spikes Spiders and Centrax are more expensive but extremely easy to install. I personally vote for Thule but can’t find any either for my tires.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Dick Tam says:

    This thing is great! For Mammoth Mountain chain required areas, this thing does the trick. It grips well even in a snow storm. I have 17inch 50 series tires and I had no problems! Easy on, Easy off! I don’t need a 4wd car, I save gas, and it only costs me an additional 5 min to put on and 5 min to take off. A no brainer!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I purchased the autosock because I just moved into a new house in the mountains and my driveway is on a steep slope. when we get ice storms it is impossible to get up the driveway without some extra traction.

    the autosock worked beautifully. my 2 wheel drive honda accord went up the driveway coated with 1/2 inch of ice and never slipped! the autosock is very easy to put on (maybe 2 minutes per tire) and very easy to take off (30 seconds per tire). i now have them for all of my vehicles.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Jeremy Fifer says:

    The AutoSock is fantastic. I ordered a set for a snow and freezing rain storm here in Oregon. 4 mins to put on and 1 min to take off. The autosock performed perfectly. Stops and starts are no issue with this product. I placed the AutoSock on my 2WD car and was able to drive without killing myself. Steep grades are no challange for AutoSock. No damage to the AutoSock on my first trip today. Get rid of those chains!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. C. Weaver says:

    Lightweight and small to store, these traction aids are a great addition to the spare tire hold for emergencies.

    They are very easy to install and remove, so be sure to take them off before you get to dry pavement.
    Rating: 5 / 5