10 Best Bottom Paints for Boats

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Number 10)- 1st Marine Products Coastal Copper

Coastal Copper 250 Black Gallon Commercial Heavy Duty Ablative Antifouling Bottom Paint Full Season Protection In Moderate Fouling Conditions. Can Be Applied Over Other Bottom Paints. This Is A Quality Heavy Duty Product.

Number 9)- Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote NT

Fiberglass Bottomkote NT uses a dual resin technology that provides a universal durable, fast dry antifouling paint that delivers the benefits of both hard and ablative antifouling paints for use on all power and sailboats. The universal formula of Fiberglass Bottomkote NT has durability of a traditional hard paint but has a slow polishing mechanism built-in that continuously smoothes and renews the active surface avoiding the heavy build-up of paint layers much like an ablative paint. The fast dry formula allows the boat to be painted and launched in the same day. Fiberglass Bottomkote NT provides clean stable colors for effective season-long protection. Fiberglass Bottomkote NT is recommended for use on the underwater areas of fiberglass, wood, and properly primed metal (except aluminum) boat hulls. It can be used in fresh, salt and brackish waters.

Number 8)- TotalBoat JD Select

Better at Blocking Barnacles. Better for the Ecosystem. Better for Your Bottom Line.

TotalBoat JD Select is an affordable water-based ablative antifouling bottom paint that provides superior single-season protection against barnacles and other hard marine growth in salt water or fresh water. Its fast-drying formula is very easy to apply, has no harsh fumes, and is easy to clean up with soap and water.
TotalBoat JD Select water-based antifouling bottom paint with kit sundries.
TotalBoat JD Select: Cost-Effective, Water-Based Antifouling Paint with Full-Season Protection
Simple soap & water cleanup makes the job easier.

It's no fun scraping barnacles and other crusty critters off your boat bottom, much less shelling out a lot of clams for someone else to do it. TotalBoat JD Select hybrid water-based ablative antifouling bottom paint contains a medium copper biocide load to prevent barnacles from making your hull their home—for a full season. Its ablative properties are designed to help shed slime, while preventing paint buildup on the surface. JD Select is easy to apply by brush, roller, or spraying. Its unique water-based formula also cleans up easily with soap and water. Better for you, better for the marine environment.
Medium copper content keeps barnacles at bay in low to moderate fouling waters—often with just a single coat.

TotalBoat JD Select has low VOCs and low odor, so it doesn't stink like solvent-based bottom paint. JD Select uses water in place of a solvent, so when the water evaporates, the resin hardens, leaving this antifouling paint as effective as any solvent-based bottom paint with medium copper content. Because of its high-solids content, one coat is usually all you need for full-season protection.

Number 7)- TotalBoat Spartan

High-copper bottom paint delivers controlled-release protection for multiple seasons in all waters and fouling conditions. This self-polishing ablative provides a smooth, abrasion-resistant finish for greater fuel efficiency. For fiberglass, wood, and steel hulls.

Number 6)- Rust-oleum Marine Coatings Boat Bottom

Rust-Oleum Boat Bottom Antifouling Paint is perfect for use on fiberglass boats and all non-aluminum trailer boats in mild to moderate fouling conditions and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater. The protective coating slowly releases copper to prevent fouling below the waterline. For best antifouling performance, apply two coats and launch boat within 60 days.

  • Ideal for use on fiberglass, wood or steel surfaces to prevent fouling below the waterline
  • Formulated to slowly release copper in order to prevent fouling
  • Able to recoat in 4 hours, to launch in 16 hours and covers up to 110 sq ft
  • Protective coating resists buildup of barnacles, algae and other marine growth
  • Hard, smooth finish provides a flat sheen over most aged antifouling coatings
  • For use in mild to moderate fouling conditions
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater


Number 5)- TotalBoat Aluminpaint AF

Made for aluminum hulls and pontoon boats, this copper-free antifouling paint provides eco-friendly, full-season bottom protection. Ablative action continuously releases fresh organic biocide and slime-fighting zinc to combat hard and soft marine growth.

Number 4)- Pettit Ultima Eco

Ultima Eco combines the breakthrough, metal-free ECONEA™ biocide with a powerful slime fighting agent for dual-biocide, multi-season protection. This copper-free formula can be safely used on all substrates, including aluminum. It provides excellent antifouling protection, with an ablative surface that makes it the perfect choice for both power and sailboats. Ultima Eco’s surface wears away over time, eliminating paint film build up and the need for sanding. It can be used on almost all previously painted surfaces in good condition. Ultima Eco contains 50% more ECONEA™ biocide than the competition, providing true multi-season performance. One or two coats per season are recommended for optimal performance.

Number 3)- TotalBoat Underdog

An affordable, solvent-based ablative antifouling for single-season protection in low fouling conditions. Ablative technology continuously releases fresh 24% cuprous oxide biocide while minimizing paint build-up. An unbeatable value for short-season boaters.

Number 2)- Interlux Micron Extra

Micron Technology provides the longest lasting, multi-season protection. Controlled polishing means that Micron Extra gets smoother with time, maximizing fuel efficiency and using copper more efficiently than hard high-copper bottom paints.


  • Biolux technology blocks slime and improves antifouling performance
  • Long-lasting protection against all types of fouling
  • Suitable for use on all boats in all waters

Number 1)- TotalBoat Krypton

TotalBoat Krypton is a copper-free antifouling paint that provides effective single-season protection from barnacles, algae, and slime fouling on fiberglass, wood, steel, iron, and aluminum boats & aluminum pontoons in salt, fresh, and brackish waters. Copper-free formula is brighter in color, safe for underwater metals, and great for areas that restrict the use of copper-based bottom paints.

TotalBoat Krypton copper-free ablative antifouling bottom paint

TotalBoat Krypton has the most effective concentration of organic biocide to repel barnacles & zebra mussels, plus zinc to combat slime & algae.

Easy application, fast-drying formula, and great coverage take the pain out of bottom painting.

TotalBoat Krypton self-polishing antifouling bottom paint battles barnacles and slime with a potent, dual-biocide formula for full-season protection. Being copper-free, Krypton won't cause galvanic corrosion. It's safe for properly prepared aluminum, steel & underwater metals, making it ideal for aluminum boats, aluminum pontoons, trim tabs, brackets, outdrives & more. Instead of copper (cuprous oxide) biocide, Krypton contains a potent organic biocide that's very effective, and cost-effective—a little goes a long way. In fact, paints with about 6% organic biocide have shown protection comparable to more expensive bottom paints loaded with 50% copper. As your boat moves through the water, Krypton's ablative formula releases biocides at a controlled rate to keep the bottom clean. When released, the organic biocide breaks down quickly into biodegradable byproducts, so Krypton is safer for fragile marine ecosystems. No copper also means brighter paint colors & no patina at the waterline!

Maximum adhesion on properly prepared fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel, iron, and previously painted surfaces in good condition—even copper-based and water-based paints.

Krypton may be applied by brushing, rolling, or spraying directly over most paints in good condition, and properly primed surfaces. Apply 1-2 coats of Krypton as directed, with an extra coat on primary areas of wear, such as the leading edges of skegs, rudders, and keels.


  • COPPER-FREE, ECO-FRIENDLY, HIGH-PERFORMANCE MARINE ANTIFOULING BOAT BOTTOM PAINT provides superior single-season protection against barnacles, weeds, algae & slime.
  • KRYPTON CAN BE APPLIED TO FIBERGLASS, WOOD, STEEL, IRON & ALUMINUM BOATS. Bottom paints are for use below the waterline only.
  • EASY TO APPLY BY BRUSH, ROLLER, OR SPRAYING: For brushing, use a high-quality, natural bristle brush; for rolling, use a 3/16” nap or foam solvent-safe roller cover. Copolymer formula means that after application, there’s no maximum dry time to launch. So you can paint in the fall, store for the winter, and launch in the spring! You can also haul and relaunch without losing the effectiveness of the biocide.
  • AVAILABLE IN FIVE BRIGHT, VIBRANT COLORS: Blue (Quart & Gallon), Black (Quart & Gallon), White (Quart & Gallon), Green (Gallon only), and Red (Gallon only). Coverage: 500 sq. ft. per gallon.


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