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I was wondering is someone could tell me if my old cars winter tires would fit on my new one?

My new car is a 2008 Ford Mustang Summer tire size being 235/55R17. The winter tire I would like to put on the car would be 215/65R17 from a 2007 Dodge Charger.

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What engine and transmission could I fit into my 1987 porsche 924s?

Looking at replacing the engine and transmission of my 924S and hoping to upgrade in the process. I know that with a little modification a ls1 v8 will fit, but I’m hoping to stick with a powerful 4-cylinder and a … Continue reading

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What could be wrong after cleaning the throttle body and now check engine light is on?

97 Buick Lesabre. All I did was clean the throttle because it has been having a lack of power. Now the check engine light comes on and it revs to 4000 rpm before shifting into second. There are no throttle … Continue reading

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