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Suggestions To Find The Correct Winter Tires

Finding the right winter tires for your vehicle is essential as they play a critical role in the safeness of you and your passengers.  You want the right tire for the right your climate.  For winter, you want a tire … Continue reading

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What can remove or correct an car engine having oil gel problems?

A “engine oil” light and a slight tapping sound is coming from the engine. Checking the engine oil dip stick, shows no oil is circulating in through the engine. However there’s no indicationsof a engine “over heat” condition while operating

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What is the correct way to engage the clutch when driving on the freeway?

I learned to engage the clutch whenever I use the brake, including when exiting a freeway. My friend says that I should only engage the clutch after the car has slowed to the point when the clutch needs to be … Continue reading

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