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Acura is back in action, but this time they've planned to play big, as the company has announced the latest crossover SUVs, which are expected to hit the market by the end of this year.

The new Acura CUVs are inspired by the appearance of BMW cars, and finally it seems that the company is planning to incorporate the long-awaited V8 engine, though nothing has been officially confirmed by Acura yet.

However, the Acura officials have confirmed that this time around they'll try their level best to bring these crossover cars to the so-called top-level segment of luxury cars.

The biggest problem with the Acura cars has been the relatively inferior V6 engine, which doesn't stand a chance against the high power V8 engines, not to mention exceptional torque and throughput of the engine.

As of now, Acura plans to keep mum, and all that you can see are some cool pictures of these crossover SUVs, and tons of wallpapers that have flooded a number of websites over the internet.

Looking at the specs of these upcoming SUVs, well Acura has definitely made sure that they won't let the security features go down, nor compromise on the luxury, as these cars will be fully loaded with everything right from BlueTooth, WiFi, GPS connectivity down to a 6 CD changer, remote air conditioning system, moon-roof and all that really makes up a perfect luxury class car.

However, it would be interesting to see whether Acura really succeeds in brining about the incorporation of the V8 engines in these CUVs, or will it mean more disappointment for the potential Acura customers once again.

In any case, this brave decision of Acura to expand their line up even in this recession-hit market, must be praised. So, keep your fingers crossed for Acura and all the Acura lovers 🙂

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