Study of Car Engine (internal combustion engine)

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Before going into detail account of car engine one should know, what does an engine mean? Engine is a mechanical device which converts energy into the motion or mechanical force. Do you ever notice the engine of your cars? It apparently seems to be a big mess of metallic wires, tubes, channels, valves, cylinders and many more. The car engine aims at converting the fuel energy into mechanical force so that your vehicle can move. This force is produced inside the engine by burning the fuel or gasoline. And hence, it is also called as the internal combustion engine.Kinds of Internal combustion engineDiesel engines and Gas turbine engines-Diesel EnginesIn which the heat of compression is used to begin ignition to burn fuel, which is penetrated into the combustion chamber during the final stage of compression.-Gas turbine or Rotary (spinning) engineIt takes out energy from a flow of burning gas. It has a burning or combustion chamber in between the upstream compressor joined to a downstream turbine.Now we will discuss some of the important parts of engine:Key Parts and Tips-ValvesInternal and exhaust valve are used for two opposite reasons. Exhaust valve discharge the burnt fuel from the chamber whereas intake valve direct the amount of air and flow that is released into the chamber on ignition stroke.-Piston and FlywheelPiston is found inside the cylinder moving up and down, also called a moving cylinder. Flywheel is another part in the engine which is usually used to keep the momentum intact.-Connecting rodIt is a rotating rod which can move or rotate either side. It joins the piston to the crankshaft.-CrankshaftPiston's up and down motion is converted into circular motion with the help of this shaft. -Fuel Trap or SumpThe fuel trap or sump encircles the crankshaft. Its purpose is to store the oil. -Cooling SystemsIn the course of severe driving and continuous use of your vehicle, the engine might get overheated. To avoid this there must be present a healthy cooling system in each car to make your engine cool. There is present a cooling fan and a radiator which contains the antifreeze fluid which helps to maintain the temperature of the engine and avoid the overheating problem.-Starter SystemsSpark plugs are the essential part of the starter system. Spark plugs produce spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. It is necessary to keep this thing in mind that the spark at the right time is of great importance for things to work properly.-Lubrication SystemsProper lubrication of all the parts is important for your vehicle healthy performance. Improper lubrication leads different parts to produce friction which may result in the malfunctioning of the part. Lubrication makes part frictionless so each part performs its best for longer period of time. Improper lubrication shortens the part's life.

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