Poll (for Pennsylvanians Or Others In A Similar Climate) – Do You Use All Season Tires In The Winter?

So far where I am at we haven’t gotten any snow yet. Of course no one knows what is to come for the rest of the season. I need new tires and I am thinking about going with All Season tires. One negative thing I have read about winter tires is that they supposedly don’t do too well in dry conditions. I never really HAVE to be in the snow if I don’t want to, so I have to ask myself how much benefit will I really see and is it worth having degraded safety in dry conditions. The one benefit I see about snow tires is that (amongst other characteristics) the rubber compound is specifically designed to work well in very cold temperatures. Anyway, I wanted to get an idea of how many other people out there in a similar climate use snow tires. By the way, if I lived in Buffalo, NY or Canada (except for the west coast) I would definately get them without a doubt.

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