Wheel Covers and Hubcaps

Before the year 1935, hubcaps were actually small, heavy gauge plated steel caps that were fixed industrially onto the wheel hub. The wire spoke wheel’s hubcaps were less than even three inch in diameter which served to keep the dust and debris out of the spindle nuts and wheel bearings. After the year 1935 however, the hubcaps were not so humble anymore as style and status were two terms that became associated with the wheel covers.

With chrome hemispheres of nine inches in diameter, the famous “dog dish” came into existence during this time when stamped steel wheels also were invented to replace spoke wheels. Later in the forties, Cadillac was introducing sparkling chrome through bumpers, grills, hood ornaments, running boards and of course, the large chrome hubcaps with reflective surface.

The size of the hubcaps further increased in the next decade and now the chrome wheel covers really covered the whole wheel. Perhaps this was the reason why they were now called “wheel covers” than the earlier name “hubcap”. Over time now, the differentiation between the two terms lost its meanings as the only hubcaps/wheel covers that are found today are ornamental and full-diameter covers for a regular sized wheel.

Modern hubcaps are made in such a way that they are universal in nature, what this means is that they are interchangeable with any standard sized steel wheel. The universality of the hubcaps have made it possible for vehicle owners to change the styling whenever and in whichever way that they wish to.

To check for the latest hubcaps/wheel covers that are available in the market today, you will need to find a good online dealer. Of course you can go to your local garage shop and find a collection of hubcaps, but the collection can not be as vast as the collection that you will find over the net. Apart from that, websites like ebay, auction items which allow you to get extraordinary discounts through bids, on your favorite product.
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