Wheel Alignment-The Key To Making Your Tires Last Longer

As you drive around negotiating the potholes and difficult road conditions and bad weather, slowly but steadily the alignment of your car wheel changes. You will first notice that your front wheels are pulling at one direction and then that it gets more and more difficult to maintain the straight path. This is a clear indication that you need to check the wheel alignment.
If you are face rough driving conditions in a regular basis, then the wheel alignment will change faster while if you have normal driving conditions, the wheel alignment will still change, albeit slowly. Ideally you should check the wheel alignment once in every six months and every time that you change tires. Wheel alignment has three important steps. A basic understanding of these three will help you get a grip of the concept and understand how misaligned your wheels are.
Caster: When a sideward viewing of the steering axis reveals a tilt of the steering axis at its uppermost point, it is referred to as caster. Caster influences the directional steering of the vehicle. The height of the vehicle generally affects the caster. A sagging rear because of overloading the vehicle will affect the caster positively while a higher rear may make the steering veer easily at high speed.
Toe: Toe measures the distance by which the front or the rear wheels are peering out or in from the straight axis. In order to help the wheels roll parallel in motion, the toe should be minimum.
Camber: Camber indicates if the wheels are tilted with respect to the vertical axis when viewed from the front part of the vehicle. The wheels could be tilted outward or inward at the top in a camber. Camber affects the wear caused in tires because of changes in direction. Thus camber would result in premature wearing of either the inner part or the outer part of the tire based on the tilt.
Now to get the best set of wheels and to ensure that the alignment is correct you need to do business with premier organizations. The internet is a sure shot place to solve all your wheeling needs. You can find the best replacement parts for your vehicle and you are also definitely going to get the best deals that are available online. To enhance the durability and quality of your car wheels remember that you must ensure that the wheels are correctly aligned.
The wheels must be aligned parallel to each other and these should also be perpendicular to the road. Thus once you have your great set of wheels remember to install the wheels correctly keeping in mind the caster, toe and camber that we had previously discussed, so that you get a smooth ride and a long life from your set of wheels.

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