Tyres, Wheels And Rims To Boost Your Vehicle Performance

Tyres,  car Wheels and Rims form the most vital component of a vehicle as their quality and durability determines the overall performance of a vehicle. Since they are indispensable items, vehicle owners spend considerable time in selecting the ideal tyres and alloy wheels for their hard earned vehicles.Made of Rubber, tyres come in various sizes depending upon the vehicle, light or heavy. On the basis of construction, tyres can be classified as Bias, Belted bias, Radial, Solid and Semi-pneumatic tyres and are used in different purposes. Solid and semi-pneumatic tyres are mostly used in industrial applications.Apart from the above classification, tyres can be further categorized based on their usage, type of vehicles, whether light or heavy, weather and driving conditions. There are different tyres available for personal and commercial vehicles, a commercial vehicle will demand more durability as the vehicle will have a high usage. Similarly tyres for trucks differ in size and performance than car tyres. Weather and driving conditions are another factor that determines the selection of tyres.Tyres are specifically designed to suit the weather conditions. Winter or snow tires provide better traction and reduce the risk of skidding on ice and snow. Mud tyres are another category of tyres that are used to get smooth ride in muddy surfaces or rocky conditions. They provide the much needed grip while clearing away the mud quickly. There are also all-weather tyres which can be used in all weather situations.Coming to another requirement, the wheels are lighter in comparison and are fixed onto the tyres to improve driving performance as they are better conductors of heat. Made of an alloy of aluminium and magnesium, they are also referred to as Alloy wheels. One can choose from a variety of wheels available in the market to suit the needs. There is also an emerging trend to use stylish wheels to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. Apart from performance improvement, wheels also help in handling and suspension related to vehicle’s movement.Post tyres and wheels, comes the functionality of Rims that are used to hold the tyres. Rims vary depending on the type of vehicle as well as tyre. Various types of rims include one-piece rims, multi-piece rims, wide rims and narrow rims. Rims must not be confused with wheels as they represent only the outer design.There are a number of authorized distributors in the market that sell tyres, wheels, rims and other accessories of various popular brands like Goodyear, Dunlop, Hankook, Pirreli, etc at one place to provide convenience to customers. They present a huge variety of brands to cater to the needs of all types of vehicles at affordable prices. To top it all, these distributors provide online services wherein one can go through the products online and order there and then. They also present various discount schemes to help you save your money and delivering the products at your home.

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