Lincoln Town Car, Nearly Extinct Breed

Lincoln enthusiasts take the most out of the last batch of the nearly extinct bulky luxury vehicle called Town Car, the flagship of Lincoln in the luxury car segment. This is because Lincoln has finally ended its production in the second quarter of this year. The decision of the automaker will pave way for a transition in its forthcoming lineup models.
Ford finds it timely for Lincoln to be given the much-anticipated transition. Hence, it is expected that Lincoln in its latest lineup will deliver more appealing luxury cars that will not be too expensive for car enthusiasts.
It can be reckoned that Town Car was a staple member of the car maker’s lineup since 1981. Moreover, Americans became used to its spacious interior, large and rear-wheel-drive and voluminous trunk. It was only in the year 2003 that the suspension was enhanced. Moreover, in its current generation, Lincoln Town Car parts managed to open its door to modern technology and updates. The result of which is a more modern vehicle with enhanced look and performance. Thus, it becomes more responsive yet ultra soft and manageable.
Despite its up to date look and feel, Town Car remains absolutely Lincoln to its core. Its oversized glory has remained in its system up until the present model. All Town Cars obtain its power from 4.6-liter V8 engine that is capable of producing up to 239 horsepower. Aside from the powerful engine, its Signature Touring Sedan package also offers bigger 235/60SR 16 tires in a unique 16-inch alloy Lincoln Town Car wheels.
For a sportier ride, said vehicle is given revised springs, stabilizer bars and shock absorbers. Further, more than 20 special parts were incorporated in Town Car to boost its performance. Updates for the 2006 Town Car also include heated rear seats, wider door openings, climate controls, rear audio and exterior colors, including Pewter Clearcoat Metallic and Dark Cherry Clearcoat Metallic. The sad part of it is that this huge and powerful vehicle, which is said to be an ideal coupe for billionaires with chauffeurs, is facing extinction. As a fact, this year’s models will be its last breed.

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