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You walk into an automotive parts store and ask for a wheel for your car. You are given a rubber tire on a metal circular base. You hand it back and say you just want the metal part and not the rubber tire. ‘You mean the metal rim?’ asks the seller. ‘No, the metal wheel’ you reply. The seller smirks and you give a sheepish grin. People commonly resort to sign language, play acting and all sorts of tricks when they want to buy Ford wheels and rims for their car.

This confusion occurs because some are of the opinion that rims and wheels are the same. Some say they are not. Most of us do not bother to find out the difference and philosophically conclude that wheels are wheels and rims are rims and never shall the twain meet.

when were rims for wheels . first invented? In Iron Age, people discovered that the wooden wheel with spokes lasted longer if a metal band was nailed to its circumference. As technology improved, entire wheels began to be made of metal. We learnt from our ancestors and started using spokes in our metal wheels at the beginning of the 20th century. From the bicycle to automobile, it is common to use rims for wheel to improve its performance.

The early automobiles did not use tires and the car used to run on the metal rim. Vulcanized rubber and Dunlop’s invention of pneumatic tires slowly led to the use of air filled or tubeless rubber tires mounted on the rim of the wheel. After that, many variations in the design of the rims took place. Single unit rims were used in small cars while multiple units were welded together in bigger vehicles. Functionality and utility apart, car rims are used to enhance the looks of the car as well. A snazzy chrome rim is always going to look better than a boring grey colored rim. To check out a wide range of such rims- used and new, visit

Read ahead for some useful tips and information as far as choosing, maintaining and buying rims are concerned.

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