Electric Rc Cars Drifting

Drift is considered to be when car wheels slip either only rear wheels or both ( front and rear ) wheels then the car started sliding sideways while taking a high speed in the corner.

History of drifting car was started somewhere in 1970’s in Japan . Drifting has ability to get rear tires to slide more than front tires meant it could power much faster than another car around corner. this techniques was adapted on the winding mountain roads and this make car drifting is very popular in Japan.

And now this popularity has spilled over to rc cars. If you have ever watched rc cars drifting, you will be instantly hooked.

This new challenging driving skill has made the Electric RC car drift one of the most popular cars in the RC world. If you can master the drifting technique with these cars, you can even join the RC Drift Car Competition,

For drifting, electric rc cars are better than nitro models. It is because of their lighter weight , motor durability and easier to control the throttle during a drift. Nitro rc cars would probably burn out the clutch and overheat the engines if used for drifting.

There are advantages of Electric RC car models. Electric RC drift cars offer more consistent torque and faster throttle response than nitro models and make them the better option for RC drifting.

Electric motors effectively produce instant torque, where nitro engines, take time for the engine to spool up and clutch to engage. Electric RC drift cars use high capacity compact batteries to drive a brushed or brushless motor via an electronic speed control.

It is recommended that you use a shaft drive rc car rather than a belt driven transmission for your drifter. The shaft drive provides good throttle response compare to belt drive. But don’t worry about that because many RC community use belt drive cars for drifting without problems. But if you are starting from scratch, shaft drive cars may be the best drifters. Also, use a 4 wheel drive machine if you want to go drifting. 4×4 is easier to control and drift. The only item you need to convert your touring car into a drift car is to change the tires. RC drift cars use tires that are made out of PVC pipes. You can also buy specially made drift tires made by Yokomo, HPI and Tamiya.

Proper control may be difficult at first, but with some practice it will gives you a better experience because practice is the basis of a great drifter. Creating your own videos is a good and easy way to view progress, and learn from your mistakes.


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