Manual Transmission and Driving

The other name for manual transmission in cars is stick shift but the problem with this type of vehicles is that most people may find it hard to drive. It is recommended by experts though to learn to drive with a stick shift as someone who can drive with manual transmission has no difficulty at all to drive with automatic transmission.

Starting from the left, there are three pedals on the floorboard of your car, the clutch pedal, the brake pedal and the gas pedal respectively. There is usually a helpful and illustrative diagram on top of the gearshift, so study it if you are having problems in finding the gears. Start your car after pressing down on the clutch pedal and moving the gearshift into neutral mode.

To put the car in the first gear, you would have to move the gearshift to its top left position, but remember to keep your foot pressed on the clutch pedal at all times. Enforce the foot brake now as you release the parking brake and get ready to begin movement as you also let go of the footbrake. Release the clutch slowly; press down on the gas pedal steadily as soon as you hear the engine easing down.

Accelerate to 3000 rpm and then release the gas pedal but press down on the clutch pedal. It is now time to take the gearshift to second gear directly by pulling the gearshift straight down all the way possible. It is again time to repeat the process of slowly releasing the clutch pedal and pressing down on the gas pedal. The same process is to be repeated each time the acceleration reaches 3000 rpm to reach the top speed possible for your car.

Decreasing the speed is actually quite easy as all you need to do is release the gas pedal and press down on the clutch pedal while you move the gearshift first to neutral and then to the lower gear position.
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