Eaton Fuller Manual Transmission FS5205A (TA69703330)


Eaton Fuller 5 Speed Transmission FS5205A (TA697-03330)

This is a new Eaton Fuller Manual Transmission FS-5205A.  This transmisson was used to verify a process and as far as we know has never been installed in a vehicle.  Take a close look at the tail shaft, the first part of the threads on the tail shaft are stripped.   Please understand we have not tested or do not know the condition of the transmission.  Shipping will be the responsiblity of the buyer.  Once the purchase is made, we will get two or three quotes and add it to the purchased price.  There is no identification tag on the transmission.  We are going off the part number on the supplier tag.



READ BELOW BEFORE BIDDING: You are buying the above as is as parts. (If you are not sure what that means look it up AS IS AS PARTS) This means don’t assume anything. If you have questions ask. If it’s not listed as new in the box then don’t think it is… It’s sold as seen as is. Even if the unit has been tested or removed from a working machine we are still only selling it as parts. We have had too many returns on items that have had parts removed from them or damaged and then we are left holding the bag. PAYPAL ONLY!! We will ship within three days only in the USA.. All other areas will ship USPS and we will ship on Saturdays only so it could be up to 6 days depending when you buy the unit.. Some Items are not tested… Most items were removed from a working machine but are sold as is for parts only even if we post it working. 99.9% of items work fine even though they are sold for parts….. Feedback: EBAY has removed the seller’s rights to post anything other then Pos. feedback so we will post it for you if you request it even though it seems meaningless at this point. If a threat of Negative. feedback is used to get something that was not listed or service not listed we will forward the request to EBAY without notice..

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