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Driving a fast car is the dream of all drivers through out the world. Driving fast car is not only means that you drive a cars with full speed but it also means about you also know about it’s handling, engine power, breaks etc. cars only runs fast when its engine is of good quality. So if you dream about cars then you have to gain some knowledge about some fast cars engines . There are many types of companies who manufacture cars. But all of them are not provide you everything you want.  So there are big list of car but you have to buy best from them. Like Ford, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mistibushi, Audi etc these are not good but the best cars in this world. Only there names tell about there engine power. We can also call them cool fast cars . because when you see them. They makes your feelings cool and when you drive them they will make you coolest.Engine makes your car faster. But It is also very essential to you to know about the weight of car. Because it also a major factor in speed of car. You also have to know about its body material which makes its weight lighter or higher.If you are really a good driver and have good driving skills then sports car are the best cars you are watching for. There engine power makes you aggressive. And you will dying to drive it. It will take only zero to ten second to take your car speed to 250km/h and the top speed of these cars is 450km/h. and it will take you 0-200 miles in one hour. So you will easily define the value and the nature of these cars. They only need some care and it delivers you the best they can. So that’s why people loves to buy sports cars these days.But in all ways fast cars are costly in price but it will give you everything you want from a car. And today in this world every one want to drive fast as fast he/she can. Driving fast is not bad but drive carefully. Drive fast only for fun but in the end you have to drive your car with the rules and regulations and with the limits of speed.

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