Engine Dynamometers: All You Need To Know

Used for measuring the engine’s power and torque, the engine dynamometers are professional devices that are used for the purpose even by the makers of the particular vehicle. They usually measure the engine of the vehicle before attaching it with the rest of the chassis. After they start the engine, it keeps on running at a constant speed and the torque applied on the engine equals the torque applied on the dynamometer. The dynamometer and the engine are connected with a tube and thus the whole measurement is accurate without any friction to interfere with the outcome.

As I have mentioned so many times earlier also, the days are changing and technology is advancing everyday, therefore, the latest dynamometers are capable of simulating almost exact racing and normal driving conditions with the help of computers. You must understand however, that the driving conditions are not the same as the controlled conditions that exists within a testing lab. There are several real world factors like air temperature, humidity level and pressure that interferes with the engine’s natural power and thus the results may differ on the roads, but, these conditions too can be simulated appropriately while testing by a dynamometer with the assistance of formulas. The power of an engine, if it were to run under the previously mentioned real world factors, can be calculated with these formulas. Be it the increased heat or the fluctuating air-pressure, all can be simulated these days with the help of modern technology.

Even with the application of the formulas and the modern technology that will let us control the air-temperature and pressure, there are factors like connection to the drivetrain that will produce results in the real world that may vary slightly from what the dynamometer indicates. A chassis dynamometer however, can solve this problem as well!
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