1993 FORD 429 7.0L OHV V8 16V Engine Rebuild ReRing Kit 93



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1993 FORD 429 7.0L OHV V8 16V

4.360″ BORE


Engine Remain Rebuild Kit



This kit consists of :

Gasket set

Piston rings

Rod bearings

Main bearings

Pistons and Rings are available in STD 020 030 040 060 sizes.

 Rod Bearings
are available in STD 010 020 030 sizes.

Main Bearings
are available in STD 010 020 030 sizes.


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Superior design and materials

engineers analyzed the special sealing problems of each engine covered, and
designed the gaskets and seals that would work best in each part of the engine.
Thermal shock dyno testing verified the design excellence. Unlike OE designs,
The Re-builder’s Gasket is designed for and works better on rebuilt engines.


Individual gaskets are die cut from the right material in the right thickness for
each application, and have elastomeric sealing beads in critical areas.


Head gaskets
are no-retorque with virtually no loss in clamping force over time, perforated
to eliminate material separation and leakage, and are coated with a premium
silicone blend to allow head-to-block movement and easy removal. Precise
thickness gives predictable sealing, fire rings are oversize (for oversize
bores), and elastomeric sealing beads meet special sealing needs.


Valve cover gaskets have the proper thickness for optimum sealing. They seal, are
durable, have a long shelf life, and are flexible, to withstand rough handling
during installation without breaking. 


Pan gaskets
are made in the right thickness to seal best on sheet metal without splitting.
Again, they are durable, flexible, and have a long shelf life. 


Intake gaskets are designed to prevent vacuum leaks and withstand high
temperatures from exhaust crossover heat on V-type engines. They are embossed
or have raised elastomeric beads to give high unit pressure and superior
sealing on narrow flanges. In several applications, a heat-sensitive coating
provides a positive seal once the engine is run.


Enginetech rings are produced in OE
manufacturing facilities.

Only the best materials are used for Enginetech rings. Our
compression rings are made from the highest quality gray iron, ductile iron and
high strength steel. 


Enginetech main & rod bearings – the choice of re-builders
for over 25 years.

About ten years ago, when aluminum bearings were first being
introduced, Enginetech continued to produce the higher quality tri-metal 780
bearings. Enginetech stuck firm with the 780 tri-metal material for years
because it was far superior to the early aluminum bearing technology.


Advanced technology in the last few years has
produced huge improvements in aluminum bearings. The additions of high amounts
of silicon dispersed within aluminum alloys have moved aluminum-silicone
bearing material to the preferred bearing status. The performance of new
aluminum-silicone alloys is now equal to or better than the original tri-metal
designs. Due to the new advances in aluminum-silicon bearing technology
Enginetech is converting most of our main & rod bearings to the advanced
aluminum-silicon material.


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