What You Need to Know About Car Transmission in Tampa

Cars come with either manual transmission or automatic transmission. Whether buying brand new or used, there are many factors you need to weigh in choosing which car to buy from your automotive dealer in Tampa.    Manual Transmission in Tampa CarsCars with manual transmission are cheaper. Tampa dealers generally price them lower by some $1,000.00 as compared to cars with automatic transmission. A Tampa mechanic will also tell you that a car with manual transmission is easier and cheaper to maintain and repair, needing less auto service and having parts that are less expensive to replace. Furthermore, cars with manual transmission use less gas, cutting down your fuel costs by five to fifteen percent. Since gasoline is a recurring expense, this adds up to a tidy sum.Experienced drivers who prefer manual transmission say that it gives them better control of the car on Tampa roads, especially in difficult weather conditions.Automatic Transmission in Tampa CarsDrivers who prefer more ease in driving, on the other hand, say that cars with automatic transmission are better options especially in Tampa traffic. This is because the driver only needs to control the brakes and the gasoline pedal with no clutch pedal and no need to shift gears. Cars with automatic transmission are also the choice of new Tampa drivers. Manumatic Transmission in Tampa CarsVery recently, new car models have been produced featuring automatic transmission with some features of manual transmission put in. Ask your Tampa dealer about the availability of these models. They might provide just what you want from a car.Car Transmission Maintenance in TampaWhether you have chosen a car with manual or automatic transmission, you need to take very good care of its maintenance. Take note that the car transmission can be very expensive to repair. Always make sure that you are using the appropriate transmission fluid. You cannot interchange the transmission fluid for a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. You should not also mix different brands of transmission fluids.Avoid overheating your car. When the transmission fluid is burned up by extreme heat, it oxidizes and leaves deposits that clog the transmission. Heat also causes rubber parts to harden and metal parts to warp. Overheating can happen in heavy traffic under the hot Tampa sun. It can also be caused by overloading your car. Leaks can cause your car to overheat. It may be your coolant leaking, or your transmission fluid. Be sure to check under your car regularly to spot any leaks.Make it a habit to do a diagnostic check on your transmission fluid regularly, too. Use a clean dipstick to determine the color of your transmission fluid. It should closely resemble its original color – a clear brownish red – without any flecks. It should never smell burnt. Be conscious of any changes in your car’s performance and sounds as you drive. Unusual jerks or noises when changing gears should alert you to the immediate need for professional consultation.Car Repair in TampaInvest time and effort in finding a good car repair service in Tampa. Ask for recommendations from relatives, friends and colleagues. Make sure that you choose a professional and highly reliable auto service provider. A skilled car mechanic can help you with good diagnostic service and efficient repair not only for your car transmission but also for your engine, auto AC and other concerns. Remember that in our Tampa weather even simple AC repair has to be immediate. Only trust your car to experts. Sometimes, incompetence can lead to further damage and greater expense, especially when it comes to your car transmission.

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