Transmission Produce Abnormal Noise While Shifting

Transmission problems diagnosis: When your car produced abnormal noise while you shift from one or more gears indicates a problem of damaged input shaft bearings or main shaft bearings.

Noise when shifting from one or more gears usually cause by a parts which rotates at all times inside a manual transmission , since the parts that always rotates at all times is the input shaft bearings and the main shaft bearings then this two parts is the possible culprit. However, there are other possible causes of the problem but there are no other ways to detect unless the transmission is opened up and examined by a professional.

Auto diagnose caused: Damaged input shaft bearings or Main shaft bearings.

What to do?

Whether the problem is the damaged input shaft bearings or main shaft bearings, there are no other options but to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop that specializes in manual transmission and ask the mechanic to inspect the car transmission to find out the real cause of the problem, The mechanic might inform you that the transmission is needed to be opened up to determine the cause of the problem. However if your car is still under warranty, bring your car to an authorized dealer of the car model that you have, you will be covered by the warranty on all the repair cost that will incurred during the repair. If your car is not covered by warranty then you are facing an expensive repair cost, in this case shop around for more auto repair shop to get the best price available out there before agreeing in opening the transmission.   

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