Tips on Automotive Transmission Maintenance and Repair for Tampa Car Owners

Any mechanic from any reputable auto service shop can tell you that one of the most expensive items in car repair is automotive transmission repair. It does not cost the same as auto AC repair, and it can be even more expensive than engine repair or brakes repair. If you are a car owner, it therefore makes sense to take care of overall car maintenance with all the necessary tune ups in a trusted auto service shop in Tampa. You don’t have to wait until anything goes wrong with your car. Good maintenance prevents frequent need for repair. Pay particular attention to automotive transmission maintenance. Here are some tips on automotive transmission maintenance and, ultimately, repair, for car owners in Tampa.There are certain diagnostic checks that any car owner can do on any car transmission even at home or in any location in Tampa. The first place to check is the surface beneath the car. That means the parking slot or the garage floor. If you find any fluid that has leaked from the car, it could be automotive transmission fluid and it could be a danger sign. Take the car to your Tampa auto service shop immediately. If you find no leak spots under the car, check on the condition of the transmission fluid using its dipstick. Prepare a sheet of white paper and a piece of clean cloth. Wipe the dipstick clean with the cloth before dipping it into the transmission fluid. Let the fluid drip on the white paper. You should find it reddish and transparent. If there are black flakes or metal filings, or if the fluid is dark or smells burnt, take the car to your Tampa auto service shop. When changing your automotive transmission fluid, make sure the appropriate fluid is used for your vehicle. Automatic and manual transmissions each have their own automotive transmission fluids that cannot be interchanged, or else the transmission will fail. If your car has no leaks and the transmission fluid is normal, you should observe the vehicle’s performance while driving. You must obey proper driving procedures. The transmission gears should engage smoothly upon shifting without delay, jerks, shudders or noises, whether from “park” to “drive” or “drive” to “neutral” and even to “reverse.” The transmission gears should also engage smoothly without any delay, jerks, shudders or noises upon acceleration and deceleration. Continue your observation for long drives since these problems may not be evident during short drives. Sometimes they are manifested only after the car has already heated up. If you experience any of those warning signs, it could be telling you that the transmission system is worn down. Again, bring the vehicle for a check up to your Tampa auto service shop.Another common cause for automotive transmission problems is overheating, especially in locations like Tampa where the temperature can rise to high levels. Driving with heavy loads in hot weather can lead to overheating. Even continuous stop and go driving in heavy traffic under hot weather can also lead to overheating. Overheating, in turn, causes the transmission fluid to burn. Burning means oxidation and the creation of deposits. These deposits can clog the transmission system. Furthermore, overheating can warp the transmission system’s metal parts and harden its rubber gaskets and seals, leading to leakage. You should, therefore, avoid overheating of your vehicle in Tampa.Despite good maintenance procedures, automotive transmission systems come to a point when repair is necessary. Make sure to bring your car only to an auto service shop that specializes in automotive transmission repair, though, to prevent future problems. Sometimes improper repair can lead to later shifting problems from throttle cable issues. Be wise in automotive transmission maintenance and repair and you will reap savings and long life for your vehicle in Tampa.

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