bmw x5 4.4 2001 automatic awd transmission

this trans mission is out of a good running 2001 x5 awd with appox 150 k miles on car, we mis diag the problem the trans was fine the transfer case was bad we ordered a transmission and installed it, and found the problem was not the trans but the front gear in the propeller shaft so the trans is for sale the oil is blood red in the box, and shifted fine before the transfer case went out, these cars are noted we find for bad transfer cases, as the shaft only penetrates about 2 inches into the gear insted of about 5 inches!! bad design if you run into this problem u can use a spacer at the front hub and there is a enlonggated shaft on the market and is on ebay, becarewful there are two different transfer cases that fit the 4.4. the sp is NOT the CASE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT the nv125 is the transfer case we have thanks an good luck with ur x5 the shipping rate is cost to your location i will palletize the trans for shipping any qu8estion please call kevin at 561 723 5268

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