How to Rebuild your Ford Mustang T5 Five Speed Manual Transmission Video “DVD”

Rebuild your Ford Mustang T5 Five Speed Manual Transmission

Now it’s easy to rebuild your Mustang, Thunderbird, Camaro, or Firebird Borg-warner T5 transmission with this easy to understand, fully narrated, instructional step-by-step guide.

A new transmission can cost up to $3000.00 plus installation.

save 60-80 percent by doing it yourself, and learn more about your transmission as you go about rebuilding it.

If you are like most people, things are easier when you watch it  get done first, rather than trying to read a complicated instruction manual. That’s why we made this video.

It’s easy to follow and shows you the step-by-step complete transmission teardown, inspection  of gears, synchros, shift forks, etc., then how to rebuild and assemble the  completed transmission as a ready to run unit.

Includes all necessary bolt torque specs, and bolt tightening sequences.

We show how to check critical input shaft end play and how to properly set it up.

This video should help you even if you just want to see how to replace your shifter bushing for a new shifter, or how to replace shift forks on a transmission that “pops” out of gear.

Includes advantages of replacing the worn out aluminum front bearing retainer with one made of steel.

A decent set of hand tools is all that’s required.

The guide demonstrates proper bolt torquing to prevent damage of the fragile aluminum case as well as sealing tips for a longer lasting, easier shifting, more reliable, leak free transmission.

Tool usage demonstration and care tips included also.

We also show you how to keep all transmission parts organized during the teardown and rebuild.

This video would be helpful even if you just want to see how your t5 transmission is built.

Watching it get done first really makes the difference.

Instruction run time: approx. 180 minutes.

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