Front 00 01 02 03 04 Ford Focus Engine VIN 3/P/Z Drill Brake Rotors Ceramic Pads

Drill Brake Rotors Ceramic Pads

2 Cross Drilled E-Coated Disc Brake Rotors
Complete Set of PP Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Product Information

Features of Performance Plus E-Coated Drilled Rotors:

Machined to OE dimensions for direct replacement of factory equipment
Balanced to prevent vibration at high speed
Cast using G3000 Metallurgy

Cross Drilled Holes maximum air circulation for increased cooling (about 200 degree)

  • Reduces rotor warping and brake fading
  • Improve wet weather braking
  • Promote longer rotor life

COUNTERSUNK Holes increase the external surface area to prevent rotor from cracking
Vented rotors have twice the surface area exposed to air, allowing for faster cooling and fading reduction.
Free Anti Rust E-Coat Finish Rust Protection covers everywhere accept braking surface (even inside the countersunk holes, which is more than any other plating on market. The coating is high temperature resist up to 450°C, it will keep the rotors looking brand new.

CERAMIC FORMULATIONHigh temperature resistant fade

  • Low noise
  • 100% Asbestos-Free formulation

100% SHIMMEDEliminates noise and vibration
HIGH ORERATING FRICTION LEVELStable friction performance across wide temperature range

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