Duralast Auto Batteries Review

The Duralast auto batteries are one of the most popular batteries available in two different types – Duralast gold batteries and Duralast batteries. These can be used with the vehicles that are used in extreme cold or hot conditions.

These batteries suit all kinds of vehicles like midsize cars, large SUVs and pickup trucks. These batteries are offered in different sizes including dual terminal and OEM sizes. The batteries are designed so as to cope with diversified geographical conditions. Along with the Valucraft, Duralast is one of the private label brand car batteries for Autozone, which supplies quality batteries in both northeast and south western countries.

All the batteries that come from the Duralast are produced by Johnson Controls and these are very high quality batteries that resist in all weather conditions. Duralast batteries are good choice for any kind of vehicle ranging from small car to large trucks. These do not require any kind of trickle chargers and special charging.

The batteries manufactured by this company are very expensive as they are made using high quality material and these are available in only Autozone stores. The competitor batteries to the Duralast include Super Start, Autocraft and Exide. Duralast when compared to the Optima batteries are less expensive.

Some of the features of the Duralast batteries include –

• Ciratech negative plates to eliminate separator shorts,
• Patented powerframe grids for high performance,
• Patented side terminals to reduce damage and over torque
• Solidium weld system to prevent failure and to stop corrosion, and
• Best in cap vent caps engineered to reduce corrosion and leakage

The Duralast gold batteries can produce more performance in comparison to the normal Duralast batteries.

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Duralast Battery Review

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