81 82 83 84 85 86 87 GRAND PRIX CHROME BUMPER TRIM 2X2


YOU GOT TO HAVE THIS FOR YOUR GRAND PRIX OR 2X2 IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR TO LOOK NEW AGAIN.  Make your Grand Prix look new again with this full set of chrome bumper trim. I have added some pic’s of customer’s car’s who bought this chrome bumper trim for their grand prix’s to show you what the trim look’s like on their cars.  Check it out.

This is the full set of front + rear chrome bumper trim strips that fit 81 thru 87 GRAND PRIX’S and FIX’S PERFECT!!!  It has 4 short pieces for the front bumper cover and 2 short pieces for the rear top bumper cover and 1 long piece for the rear lower bumper cover. All of the trim is cut to fit with alittle extra to make  sure it is long anuff and are marked on blue plastic coating to tell you where they go on at with a black marker.  The top, rear 2 short pieces will need you to cut the angle on the end where it stops below the license plate area which you can do . Look at your old trim and you will see what i mean on the top rear trim piece’s. Just use a razor blade or sharp knife or scissor’s and cut the angle on each one where it stop’s. {You will not find this chrome trim anywhere else and GM DON’T HAVE IT ANYMORE BECAUSE OF BEING DISCONTINUED and  if they did have it, it would cost you over $400.00 for the whole set,,,,,  and this chrome trim  will fit just perfect just like the old gm trim strips do!!}  The trim come’s with a blue plasitc coating to protect the chrome finish and pulls right off when you decide to take it off.  {To install these trim strips, Pull the old trim strips off, scrap the old adhesive off the rubber bumper part that is left when you pull the old trim strips off so the new trim strips will lay flat back in place and the new adhesive on back the new trim strips will stick to rubber bumper part back in place. USE A FLAT HEAD SCREW DRIVER TO SCRAP THE OLD ADHESIVE OFF.  It cleans it off good.   Take one piece of the new trim, start at corner of fender or quarter panel, peel off red tape on back of new trim, stick to begining of the rubber bumper part and press around to where the trim stops. You might have to trim end off of new trim because i cut it alittle longer to make sure it fits.  The long lower rear piece , you might have to cut it where it go’s under the rear bumper guards to stop up against them or take the bumper guards off and run the trim under them. It is up to you. Once you get them all on, what a difference it make’s in the way your car look’s. 

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