(4) Spark Plugs for Select 20032010 Pontiac Vibes


New in orginal box Four (4) Spark Plugs for the Pontiac Vibe…..select years and engines shown below..

2003-2006 Vibes with 1.8L Engine(Code LAX)

2009-2010 Vibes with 2.4-0 Engine (CodeLNK)

 GM part #88969636

Spark Plugs were made by DENSO and their part # is SK20R11..Plugs also say IRIDIUM on them

Email me if you need more pictures.

We are a former GM Dealer forced to close by GM selling off remaining parts

As such, we are NOT accepting returns and description is accurate to the best of our knowledge

For those of you who keep asking, there is no way for us to know if we have parts for a specific year, make or model of a vehicle.  The GM parts books are not set up that way.  So for those of you who see us list a part for a 1989 Firebird (as an example) and write, “what other parts do you have for a 1989 Firebird?”….I am sorry but there is no way for us to know that.

We accept PAYPAL ONLY…If You have Questions..please ask..Good Luck




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