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Seat covers are often found to be the most neglected interiors of a car and this neglect can destroy your seats completely due to factors like dirt, grime and what not! Get the optimum auto seat cover that your budget allows you as the auto seat covers are just as important as any other part of your interior.

Standard covers: Standard covers are usually also universal in nature, which means that the covers are suitable for most cars out there, be it high-back or low-back bucket seat. Cars that have side-impact air-bags can not have the universal auto seat covers though.

Custom auto seat covers: Auto seat covers that are custom made by tailors to suit the particular car’s seats are what custom auto seat covers are. Custom seat covers may cost more, but it is probably worth it as it perfectly fits and complements the car that they are designed for in particular.

Hybrid-semi customs: These are less costly than customized auto seat covers but are pretty much customizable as well. They may not come up to the standard of a set of customized seat covers, but they pretty much do the job of protection.

The Soft Touch: Poly-cotton is used as a a auto seat cover material not only because it is a good protective material against the harmful elements, but also because of the “sof touch” that it adds to the car seats.

Sheepskin: Known as the thermostat of nature, sheepskin is ideal for keeping the car passengers warm during the cold and cool during the hot season.

Seat covers for UV protection: The Velour auto seat covers are soft and therefore provide a feeling that is similar to the soft velvety touch that poly cotton provides, but, the ample ultraviolet protection that the Velour seats provide make these seats unique.
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