Bakflip Tonneau Cover

No, the spelling is right. Yes the spelling is right because it is made by BAK industries, which also made the famous RollBak tonneau cover and thus comes the name Bakflip tonneau cover. The California based company believes in efficient and tough products that look sophisticated and well designed as well.

The Bakflip tonneau cover is a hard truck bed cover made out of plastic. Do not be fooled into thinking that the term “plastic” implies to just any plastic! It is made out of “automotive grade exterior UV and scratch resistant plastic”. A honeycomb structure made out of resin, is in the core of the panels and that is what makes the Bakflip tonneau cover waterproof. After the water proofing comes the durability which is assured through the use of “powder coated aircraft quality aluminum”. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Bakflip tonneau cover is its light weight! This is surprising for such a complex tonneau cover.

It is easy to install a Bakflip tonneau cover, but if you are having any problem regarding it, then just go to the BAK website and you will find a very helpful video there to illustrate the process.

Although few in number, but complains have been made about the Bakflip tonneau covers not being able to keep water out in some cases. This problem was however solved by BAK industries by sending the customers sealers of different thickness. The front screws of the Backflip tonneau covers are made out of steel and it is best to change them to stainless steel later as they begin to show rust over time. Other than this, the elegant and easy to install Bakflip tonneau cover, if secured with the combination of a tailgate lock, can prove to be a really good investment.

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