Will four season tires be enough or should I get winter tires?

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I drive a Mazda Protege, FWD, and I need to get new tires before winter. Should I stick with four season tires or should I get winter tires and then summer tires after the winter? I just moved to Minneapolis, but I am an experienced winter driver.

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8 Responses to Will four season tires be enough or should I get winter tires?

  1. SOOTY CAT says:

    They are enough, thus the name 4 seasons.

  2. sngozig says:

    They should do just fine for local travel but if you travel far daily like more than 30 miles one way to work or school I would suggest something better

  3. Depends if you have the money and time to be switching between two sets of tires lol! If you got the money, I vote for getting a pair of studded snow tires. I live in Iowa and I use my studded snow tires every winter – they really help a lot.
    If you want the studded snow tires but dont want to spend a ton of cash, you can just get two of the tires and put them on the drive axle (in your case, that would be the front). Keep regular tires on the rear. Don’t ever mix regular tires and studded snow tires on the same axle though)
    If you got plenty of money go ahead and get all 4 done.
    Only downside is that they are so grippy its hard to do donuts in an empty parking lot ūüôā

  4. Get Michelin all season and go on your merry way. They are the best and will outlast any that I know of.

  5. sassygrrll7 says:

    depends on where u live and how much snow you get.But chains would probaly be just fine. Wado!

  6. dodge man says:

    i own and operate a repair shop,and that’s all i ever use is an all season tire ,and we do get some snow here ,and they go alright on my truck it all depends on where you live and how bad the weather gets where your at,if it don’t get that bad you should be fine with all season tires on it,,those vehicles like yours go good anyway in all kinds of weather,so you should be OK,,good luck i hope this help,s.

  7. greasedragon says:

    Four season or all season radials should do just fine for you. I live in Michigan so the winters should be similar. There are a few things that you should consider though when purchasing your tires. The first is wether you want to invest the money in snow tires. If you want snow tires you need to purchase four of them otherwise you will run into serious traction and control issues. The good news is that it will provide you with optimal traction in the snow, and that most tire stores will offer you a free winter change over for purchasing the tires (that will save you the cost of an extra set of wheels). The bad news is that snow tires are meant for snow. They are made of a different rubber compound than an all season tire, and unless it snows a lot, will wear down faster than desired.
    As for all season tires, make sure the tire is truly all season. There should be a M&S molded into the sidewall signifying that the tire is mud and snow rated. When you go to get your tires look at it as an investment. A 70 or 80 thousand mile tire is a great way to go. Goodyear has a tire with a 70k warranty called the assurance with triple tread. Other tires are comparible.
    Most of all, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Don’t just take my word for what makes a great tire, or the word of the guy at the tire store (it’s his job to sell you tires). Check consumers reports and see what tests well. Make sure that whatever you buy has a good milage warranty. Get road hazard coverage for your tires even if you have to pay a little extra.
    If it were me I would stick with the four season/all season tires. Just make your purchase a month before the snow starts flying so you get used to the way your car rides on them in rain, and when the snow starts leave extra early and be extra careful until you get used to snow driving.

  8. justme says:

    Get the 4 season tires. I couldn’t stand my winter tires because I had to replace them all the time, if you don’t do it right away in the summer, they go out very quickly. The winter shouldn’t be that bad this year either, there are only a few days in the winter that you may need winter tires, but you shouldn’t be out driving those days anyway.