What are the best winter tires out there?

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Could somebody tell me what are the best winter tires right now on the market, brand and model, so good that even makes the RWD look like an AWD, thanks

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3 Responses to What are the best winter tires out there?

  1. Brandon says:

    you cant make a RWD drive like an AWD in the snow, it just doesnt happen.

    but ive always used BF goodrich since they have an awesome rep, lots of years in the industry, ive never had a problem with one of their tires and you can get studded or non studded for the same price with them.

    I have a RWD s10 and thats all i use in the winter and ive never had any issues with them , they grab hard, keep traction and they dont flex as much at the sidewall like other brands (ive used dunlop, firestone and avian, they all kind of sucked in the really fluffy snow that everyone gets stuck in around here.

  2. cassiusmcgee says:

    nokian hakkapeliitta tires, they’re pricey, but if you want quality tires that will make a rwd car VERY driveable in the winter, get these babies!! here’s an example of what it can do, and read the bottom comment on this video, he has it on his rwd bmw! theres also a video of a bentley doing 206 mph on ice with these tires, i’ve heard lots of great things about them. it won’t make a rwd like an awd, but it will make it FEEL like one, or at least really close to one! good luck!


  3. try michelin x-ice or xi2. xi2 is better.

    but last year we put the x-ice on our rwd van and it had no problems!!! it was amazing, never got stuck, and i only fishtailed once, but that was controllable, and fun lol!

    any top of the line studless or studded winter tire would be best. like michelin x-ice xi2, bridgestone blizzak, continential winter contact etc. believe it or not but not all studded tires will exceed the top of the line studless tires.

    just remember when turning to be gentle on the gas, because if you give it too much, your rear end will swing out like a pendulum. and you’ll fishtail.