What are the best type of “Winter” tires for a sports car/coupe/etc.?

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What are the best type of winter tires for a sports car/coupe/etc. (I'm a hopeful future sports car owner, currently looking)

I have no specific car type for these type of tires. And I don't have any specific tire price, I can go the lowest prices to the highest.
I live in the lower northeastern suburbs of Chicago were we get slapped with harsh inches of snow time to time. But I see some sports cars now n' days with winter tires and they slice through the snow and ice like nothing.

Any answers, suggestions?

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, set of 2 borbet type b 16 75 alloy rims w dunlop winter sport 225 55 r16 tires,
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4 Responses to What are the best type of “Winter” tires for a sports car/coupe/etc.?

  1. infiniti77 says:

    Bridgestone Blizzak. I’ve used them on a Mustang, Acura, and will use them this winter on my Infiniti. Just know that when the temperature goes up, you have to take them off the car. The tread doesn’t last above 55 degrees.

  2. hugh9269 says:

    My friend is using Pirelli W240 SottoZero on his BMW M3 and has really enjoyed the winter performance in Michigan.

  3. Keith S says:

    Michelin tires tend to be the best in this category. My boss put a set on his TL Type-S and cuts through snow like it’s nothing. Of course, you probably don’t have front wheel drive, but michelin’s have a great reputation. Plus the tread will last you a good 50K.

  4. Country Boy says:

    There are a couple of sites you may want to try: tire rack.com and Nikon Tires. Knowing full well what your Winters are like you need all the tire “bite” you can find. Sorry to say tire rack has Bridge stone Blizzard, Goodyear, Dun lop, Yokohama and a couple of less expensive winter tires.

    Living in Upstate NY as I do big snow is no joke. I would take a long hard look at the Nikon Tires. Particularly all season and winter only studded tires. Surprisingly this brand is the number one seller in Norway and Sweden. You’d think they’d know snow too. If you go to their site: nokian.com there will be an area to enter your zip code foe area dealers. I’m a pretty old guy and can honestly say that these tires work better than any I’ve ever owned.
    Good luck with your choice!